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DSC started working on Optical Projections in 2005. By 2009, the first member of the ProjectionWorks family - AssemblyWorks - was fully operational and ready for action. Experiments on the F-22, F-35, and C-130 production lines all confirmed our belief that this technology could have a major impact on large-scale manufacturing in industrialized countries. Providing a technician with an AssemblyWorks System (rather than a stack of drawings and manuals) increases productivity in a similar way that providing a worker with a bulldozer (rather than a shovel) increases productivity. One big difference is that AssemblyWorks is a lot easier to operate than a bulldozer.
DSC has designed and built several align and mate systems over the past few years. One joins the three major fuselage sections of the F-22 Raptor. The three sections are built in Marietta, Fort Worth, and Seattle. The system began operations on ship 19, and produced all F-22's after that. This system uses a precision machine vision system based on proprietary algorithms developed by DSC to control 110 axes of servo motion and 16 cameras each making 3-dimensional measurements. The system holds 4 airplanes at once, and operates on a FIFO (pulsed assembly line) basis.
DSC also designed and built a similar system to join the three module sections of the F-22 Center Fuselage in Fort Worth (which is later joined into the entire vehicle by the machine described above). These systems total 32 axes of servo motion, and 24 lasers. 16 of the lasers make 2-D measurements, and the other 8 make 1-D measurements. This system began operations on ship 41, and produced all F-22's thereafter.
Another variant of this concept is the C-5 Galaxy Replacement Engine Pylon Lugs Align and Bore Tool. There will be four systems delivered. One was delivered in 2009, one will be delivered in mid-2010, and two more in 2011. Each system has four fixtures - one for each engine. It uses machine vision for measurements and 16 cameras - each making 3-D measurements, and has 24 axes of motion per system.
When you build BIG parts - like C-130 Hercules wings, it is difficult to move them around and place them in the GIANT machines required to do the type of automated functions that you would really like to do. In military aviation there are a lot of hand-drilled holes because of this problem. AT DSC we have developed several systems where you can bring a relatively small machine to an existing assembly jig and do the machining operations right there. If your fixture can hold the part sufficiently for cutting, there is a good chance we can design a machine to work with it.
Even though it is a custom machine, it is not uncommon that this can be done at 10-50% of the cost of a COTS machine that is large enough to handle your part. The savings are the result of "reusing" your existing fixturing.
We have designed and built milling and drilling machines. Please refer to the PAST PROJECTS page for additional information.
Delta Sigma got its start designing and building specialized radar cross section measurement equipment, especially target handling equipment. Over the past 20 years, we have worked with SPC, Lintek, and Quarterbranch to integrate our target positioning systems with their radars. This was our only business for our first 10 years - in fact our name comes from the math symbols for change in electromagnetic reflectivity (we took a bit of artistic license with the upper case sigma in our logo).
DSC has built all kinds of special purpose turntables, antenna's, transmission loss imagers, reflection imagers, simple radars, pylons, pylon elevators, AZ/EL positioners, gantries, RCS models, part fixtures, and special cal targets. If you need to manipulate a target for RCS testing from very large to very small, DSC can help.
Dr. Haisty, our VP of Engineering presented a paper entitled "Affordable Stealth" to the national Press Club in Washington DC when he headed up the Advanced Technologies group at Lockheed. You can read it at the link above.
Please see the PAST PROJECTS page for more information.
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